Megadeth Reveal 360-Degree Video for ‘Poisonous Shadows’


Ready for a different looking video? Megadeth are giving viewers the option to adapt their viewpoint in the new 360-degree video for “Poisonous Shadows.”

The clip is taken from a Virtual Reality experience for Megadeth’s Dystopia album. In it, you can see the band performing the track, complete with string players as well. As the viewer, you can use the arrows in the upper left side of the player to scroll around the smoke filled room as the band performs the track.

Earlier this year, Mustaine told us that “Poisonous Shadows” was his favorite song on the Dystopia album for a lot of reasons. The track incorporates a number of sounds and has almost as many influences. The frontman says the idea of the track comes from righting past wrongs, but he also pulled inspiration from watching a number of dark in tone TV series.

The Dystopia album is currently available

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