Volbeat Unleash ‘The Bliss’ Lyric Video

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Volbeat are back and building up to the June 3 release of their Seal the Deal & Let’s Boogie album. As the disc nears, the band has just issued another song for fans to check out. The lyric video for “The Bliss” can be seen above.

As you can hear, the song is one of the more accessible tracks in the band’s catalog, with an upbeat feel and a hook that seems rock radio ready. The infectious vibe is accentuated with a chugging guitar, but the most interesting change of pace is the mid-song twangy banjo breakdown. As an interesting contrast to the uplifting feel of the song’s promise of a “new beginning,” the lyric video itself appears to span a completely uninhabited world where once thriving buildings and landscapes have withered a bit with time.

“The Bliss” follows on the heels of the band’s current single, “The Devil’s Bleeding Crown.” The track has enjoyed a rapid ascent up the Active Rock chart, though “The Bliss” should soon be following in its footsteps. Both tracks are featured on the Seal the Deal & Let’s Boogie disc, which is on track for a June 3 street date. Pre-orders are currently underway in a number of options via the band’s website.

Look for Volbeat hitting the road this summer just as the new album drops. They’re next batch of dates is set for June, with the band starting a lengthy run through Europe. At present, there are only a handful of North American dates on their schedule, with the group returning stateside in August and September.

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